They Love Us!

Since went live in mid-May 2008, we’ve been thrilled to feel the love from quite a few bloggers, discussion board posters and other online hipsters around the world.

Thanks, guys: we love you too!

Below are a few links to things people are saying about us lately. …there is even a site,, dedicated to the many shirts worn by the [Sheldon] character, complete with links to where to buy the apparel.

TechRepublic Sheldon’s t-shirts as one of the things that makes him “TV’s biggest geek” and mentions our site. Yes, we are teh awesome.

Geekologie “…now you can brag to your friends you’re wearing the same shirt as Sheldon. Which, I don’t know know how I feel about that. Besides awesome!”

SideReel “Now you too can dress like a neurotic, socially inept physicist!”

TV Guide “if you’re like me and want to look like Sheldon, then you have to check out this site called Sheldon’s Shirts!”

Variety “…if you dig Sheldon’s wardrobe, visit this fan site devoted to his t-shirts”

Comic-Con Adam Savage (Mythbusters) and Jim Parsons (Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory) discuss during a panel at Comic-Con 2008. Woot!

Pop Candy One comment says, “I’m geekin’ out over this stuff!!!!” (Yeah, us too!)

Pop Candy Says is “a good way to waste a couple of hours, whether you’re a nerd, a geek, or neither.” True. Lord knows we’ve wasted a few hours here. But it’s all worthwhile now.

Slice of SciFi This blogger says “is clearly a labor of love from a dedicated fan or fans of the show…” Yep, he’s onto us. We do speak geek around here!

NAtv and Tiago Dória These blogs are in Portuguese, and sadly we don’t speak that language. But as far as we can tell from the lame Babel Fish translation, they dig us in Brazil.

GPoong’s EXIT Okay, this site is in Korean, which we also can’t read (where is the multilingual Howard Wolowitz when you need him?). One of our readers was kind enough to translate, and we’re happy to hear the word in Korea is positive.

Series Adictos & microsiervos Yeah, they love us in Spain, too. What can we say?

Séries Addict Even the French understand “geek chic” now. C’est vrai! Apparently Chinese nerds love Sheldon’s shirts as much as we do.

comment:com We just discovered Babel Fish won’t even TRY to translate Hungarian.

my-musik Who knew there were geeks in Mexico?

Aeromental Geeks in Bolivia love us too!

The Big Bang Theory Wow, more love – this time from Argentina!

Spiegel Online This German blog, associated with the famous magazine Der Spiegel, recommends Teutonic appreciation FTW!

La Repubblica A major Italian newspaper notes that Sheldon’s shirts have become a real cult, and mentions