105 – The Hamburger Postulate – Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 5

Season 1, Episode 5
The Hamburger Postulate (22 Oct. 2007)

We open with out four heroes sitting at a dinner table and Sheldon using condiments to show a battle. Which at first we are led to believe is the Civil War but then Raj brings up Superman and Godzilla, and Leonard brings up Orks. Penny comes to take their order and Sheldon’s non-human OCD can’t order off the menu kicks in. Leslie walks up and Leonard introduces the two of them. Leslie asks if Leonard can play in her music group and we find out Leonard plays the cello. Leslie leaves after Leonard agrees to play the cello and that they can rehearse as his place on Tuesdays. Sheldon lets the whole table and Penny know that Leonard once asked Leslie out and it was a mess, which Penny thinks, is a shame and that Leslie and Leonard would have made a cute couple.

Pan to Leonard and Sheldon walking up the stairs and Leonard’s convoluted ramblings as to why he might have a shot with Penny due to her comment on
He and Leslie would have made a cute couple. Sheldon tells Leonard he is lucky as there are only three people in the world that could have followed that reasoning and he is one of them however when asked his opinion Sheldon says he could follow the reasoning but doesn’t actually care…cue music

We arrive to the group practicing music and Leslie hitting on Leonard. Leonard doesn’t know how to react. Especially when she lets him know she is sexually available. He seems confused; Leslie asks if it because of the waitress and Leonard says there is nothing going on. Leslie then asks if that means he is sexually available and he says he guesses it does. They then have musical foreplay and run to Leonard’s room. Cut to Sheldon running out of his apartment and knocking on Penny’s door. When she opens, Sheldon needs her to explain a tie on Leonard’s bedroom door. Penny reminds him he must know he went to collage and he reminds her that he was 11. She explains that he is getting busy. Then we hear Leslie call out “oh Leonard, you magnificent beast” and Penny and Sheldon move rapidly away from the door. Sheldon tells Penny Leonard must be with Leslie. Sheldon doesn’t know what the protocol is-should he stay, leave or greet them with a refreshing beverage. Penny leaves and Sheldon calls Leonard. Which leads to a funny phone call and Sheldon not being able to get comfortable…fade out.

Leonard and Leslie wake up in Leonard’s bed and we pan to the living room to find Sheldon slept on the couch. Sheldon starts to have a panic attack because someone touched his board with his equations. It fixed the problem Sheldon had been having. Leslie comes out and says she did. Sheldon still is freaked out, that Leslie touched his board.

As Leonard leaves his apartment, he bumps into Penny who is happy for Leonard and his having had sex. Leonard goes on another convoluted rambling and Sheldon still can follow (and still doesn’t care). Leonard goes to see Leslie at her lab, where she is flash freezing bananas because she doesn’t have a knife. Leonard cuddles her and Leslie explains that they just had a one-night stand. They then thank each other and Leonard heads out. Howard and Raj come around the corner and want details as a little bird told them about Leonard having sex.

Flash to the Leonard and Sheldon eating at the Cheese Cake Factory. And Leonard telling Penny it is not going to work between he and Leslie. Penny says she is sorry and as she walks away touches Leonard’s shoulder. Leonard thinks it is a sign and then then rambles.