106 – The Middle Earth Paradigm – Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 6

Season 1, Episode 6
The Middle Earth Paradigm (29 Oct. 2007)

Our heroes are walking into the apartment building in full paint ball gear covered in Blue paint. Raj makes the comment they suck at paint ball. We find out that they have been beat by a group of “savage pre-adolescents” celebrating a Bar Mitzvah. Howard apparently shot Sheldon in the back for terrible leadership. Leonard pointed out that hiding behind a tree and yelling “Get the kid in the yamaka, get the kid in the yamaka” is not leadership. All this is happening as they walk up the steps, and run into Penny who wants to know how the paintball went. Penny is having a party and invites the boys. Howard wants to know if it is a girl/boy party. It is and it is a Halloween party which means costumes. This makes the guys want to go even more then knowing there are girls there. (Ok, I get these guys are suppose to be geeks but even geeks like a good party, don’t believe me try going to a Comic Con and doing some of the night events?). Penny tells them they can come as anything they want and heads out. The boys run to their sewing machines. CUE MUSIC!

We are back at our heroes’ apartment and hear a knock at the door. Leonard comes out in a Flash costume with his glasses on over the mask. He takes a minute stands tall and answers the door…. to Howard in an identical costume, Sheldon comes out of his room in the same costume and then Raj comes running into the room in the same costume. Yes, that is correct all four of our heroes are dressed as Flash. Sheldon says this is why he wanted to have a costume meeting and Leonard responds not to worry they all have other costumes. Raj points out they could walk behind each other all night and look like one person going really fast. Howard says NO, this is a boy/girl party and he is flying solo. No one gets to be the flash and they all change as they are leaving the room Leonard calls Frodo. We flash to Leonard in his Frodo costume with Howard sitting on the couch in a Peter Pan costume, Raj walks in dressed as Thor-with long blond locks (I have to say he rocks this outfit). Sheldon walks in and Raj says he is neither sound nor light but he is obviously the Doppler effect. (I am not a scientist, and I did not get that his stripes were the Doppler effect but now I know and it is very cool). Howard states that he is not Peter Pan but he is Robin Hood. Leonard ask that Sheldon not to embarrass him tonight so he has a chance with Penny. He says he does not want to look like a dork as he adjusts the ears of his Frodo costume. We also find out his middle name is Leakey, after Louis Leakey not after Leonard’s bed wetting.

The guys knock on Penny’s door and before anyone answers, Howard lets the guys know that he has a dozen condoms in his quiver. Penny opens the door and the guys are sorry they are late. Penny says it is only 7:05 and the party was suppose to be at 7:00pm which means no one will get their til 8:00pm. The guys come in anyway and are the first to arrive. Sheldon asks when the Costume parade is going to start and Penny explains there is no parade, no prizes for costumes. Sheldon has decided this party is going to suck and Penny says it will not. She thinks they all look cute;
Raj as Thor, Howard as Peter Pan- Leonard tries to tell Penny that Howard is Robing Hood and Howard agrees with Penny and hits on her. She immediately shoots him down.

Next Penny asks what is Sheldon suppose to be (This makes me feel better). Leonard says the Doppler effect and Sheldon explains. Penny gives the “oh sure” in that I really don’t get it voice. She then says she is going to shower and the boys all sit down.

The party is going and Raj and Howard are sitting eating Chex mix, well Raj is, Howard can’t afford to eat it since there are peanuts and he might swell up in his tights. The camera pans out and we see that the guys are still sitting on the couch. Sheldon wants to know why they are still there, Leonard explains that they are socializing, and Sheldon wants to know if they are socializing telepathically. Penny walks by in a cute cat costume. Raj says that it is the worse Cat Woman costume he has ever seen and Leonard points out that she is just a cat not Cat Woman. Howard sees a sexy nurse and decides he is going to make his move. Raj evens Howards confidence and says he wishes he could speak to women, around women or even to feminine men. Howard is freaking out the nurse. Leonard wants to talk to Penny’s friend but doesn’t know how…Sheldon says he has been watching and tries to help Leonard by explaining how these people interact. Leonard decides he is going to jump in. Sheldon tells him good luck and Leonard tells Sheldon, he is coming with him to be his wingman (Some how I think that this might be one of those times when no wingman is better then this particular wingman). Sheldon says if they are going to use flying metaphors he would prefer to be the FAA inspector. They walk up to a girl, who asks what Sheldon is and he gives her a hint, we then pan to Sheldon in front of another girl explaining that he is the Doppler effect. She does not know what that is but if that is a learning disability she thinks it is in poor taste. Leonard wants to know why Sheldon won’t just tell people he is a Zebra.

In the mean time a pretty girl in a sexy ladybug costume sits next to Raj and asks how wasted am I. He smiles at her and shrugs. Leonard is upset that Penny’s ex is there. Sheldon says that maybe Penny just wants to be friends and her ex wants more. Leonard replies that then they are on equal ground. Leonard says that in the past Kirk’s size might have gotten him what ever he wanted but now. It is the age of the tech and he has an equal chance. Sheldon says he should text that and see if Kirk agrees. Our heroes then walk over to Penny and Kirk. Penny wants to know if they are having a good time. Sheldon says that from the reaction to his costume the American education system is lacking and Kirk says a Zebra? Kirk asks if Leonard is an elf and he says no a Hobbit. Kirk wants to know the difference (OK, Who doesn’t know the difference; Elf-Orlando Bloom, Hottie mchot hot; Hobbit- Elijah Wood-Cutie mccute stuff…Elves = Hot, Hobbits = cute). Leonard gives a different definition and Kirk wants to know why he would want to be a hobbit. Kirk Whatever’s the answer and tried to get Leonard to go away and gives Leonard a bit of a noogie. Leonard says he understands Kirk wanting to intimidate him on a physical side because Kirk can’t compete with Leonard on an intellectual side. Leonard then says he is a little more evolved, Sheldon pipes in with you are in trouble if he understands that, Kirk understands and Sheldon lets Leonard know he is in trouble. Penny keeps trying to diffuse the situation. Leonard says he has this and when Kirk refers to him as a dwarf, Leonard says he is a Hobbit. Leonard keeps up pushing his intellectual superiority and Kirk says Leonard is making him mad (for comic book fans like myself it makes you giggle cause he sounds a bit like Hulk). Penny is pulled away as Sheldon says although Leonard has his moral support in a physical confrontation he is less then useless. Leonard says it won’t come to that. Leonard says he doubts that Kirk can spell confrontation. This makes Kirk mad and Kirk lifts up Leonard. Penny makes Kirk put Leonard down and Kirk tosses Leonard at Sheldon. Penny ask if Leonard is ok and Leonard says he is and it is getting late so he should leave it is obvious that he is embarrassed. Penny thinks him for coming.

We pan to Leonard on his couch looking depressed and Sheldon bringing him a hot beverage. When Leonard asks what is that, Sheldon says it is tea. Sheldon says it is a cultural convention to bring someone who is depressed a hot beverage. Sheldon then asks if Leonard wants to talk. Leonard says no which relieves Sheldon because there, there is really all Sheldon had. Penny knocks and comes in. Penny says she just wanted to make sure Leonard is ok. She explains that she thought Kirk had changed and now she can’t go back to her own party and she starts crying into Leonard’s shoulder who tells Penny there, there. Leonard then tells Penny there is nothing wrong with her, she is perfect and Penny kisses Leonard. Leonard (Being a gentleman) gently asks Penny how much she has had to drink. Penny answers a lot. Leonard points out that her drinking and her anger with Kirk probably are why she is kissing him and Penny tells him he is smart. Leonard sarcastically agrees with her. Penny tells Leonard he is great and wants to know why all guys can’t be like him. He lets her know that if all guys were like him the human race couldn’t survive. Penny leaves but kisses Leonard one more time at his door. Kirk sees that and Leonard throws out a “that’s how we roll in the Shire” and then as Kirk moves toward the door, Leonard slams and locks it.

Late that night Howard bangs on the guys door because he can’t find Raj and he was suppose to give him a ride home. The camera cuts to Rag in bed with Ladybug woman. She tells him he is an amazing man-gentle, passionate and a good listener (That’s right, the guy who can’t talk to woman HOOKED up-go Raj).