107 – The Dumpling Paradox – Big Bang Theory Season 1 Episode 7

Season 1, Episode 7
The Dumpling Paradox (5 Nov. 2007)

We start off in Leonard and Sheldon’s apartment; Howard is showing off his phones new technology-Call Leonard, which does not work at all. Leonard takes Howard’s phone and makes a joke and it calls Raj, who responds great technology but a little racist (Beating everyone who was going to complain about the scene being racist to the punch). Sheldon then ask if everyone is done playing with flawed technology if they can start with Halo night –it was suppose to start at 8 and it is now 8:06. Someone knocks on the door, and of course Sheldon is worried about losing more time, Leonard answers the door and it is Penny. Howard immediately tries a line on Penny and Penny immediately shoots him down. Penny asks if she can hide out as she got a call from a friend from Nebraska who invited herself to come visit Penny in California. Apparently she got there today and has not shut up about how she slept with every guy in Omaha. Sheldon is waiving his controller in the background and Leonard gives him the hold on a minute look. She is now washing the smuttiest underwear of all in Penny’s bathroom sink and Howard wants to know if she is doing it one Thong at a time or all at once. Penny looks at Leonard and says in reference to Howard that he really needs to dial it down. Leonard asks why if she doesn’t like this person is she letting her stay and Penny explains that Kristie was sleeping with Penny’s cousin while engaged to her brother so she is kind of family.

Sheldon’s Shirts from Season 1 Episode 3


Sheldon kick in with who needs Halo when they can be regaled with tales of the whore of Omaha. Leonard corrects him that she is not a whore and Penny says she is and starts telling another story when she notices Howard is missing (which doesn’t really come as a surprise does it?) And we hear Howard across the hall greeting Penny’s friend… Cue Music

We hear music from Penny’s apartment and see that Penny, Leonard, Raj and Sheldon are standing in the door of the guy’s apartment. Penny is freaked out and disgusted that Christie let Howard into her apartment. Sheldon can’t believe that people pay for horoscopes but it is 8:16 and they are still not playing Halo. Leonard says not to worry they can play one on one until Howard gets back and Sheldon says they play teams not one on one as if someone has kicked his puppy (if he had a puppy). Leonard says the only way they can play teams is if they cut Raj in half. Penny says if they need a fourth she will play. Leonard thinks it is a great idea (no surprise there) and Sheldon thinks the wheel was a great idea but this is a notion and a rather sucky one at that (no surprise there either). Penny wants to know what the problem with her playing is. Sheldon explains it is a high tech game with a lot of weapons to master and a complex backstory (as someone who had a bunch of friends attempt to teach her to play, I sadly agree with Sheldon). Penny picks up the controller and blows of Sheldon’s head. Penny keeps picking on Sheldon in the game and Leonard says Penny is on Fire and so apparently is Sheldon in the game. Sheldon says she must be cheating because “no one can be that attractive and that skilled in video games” (uhm Sheldon has noticed how attractive Penny is, interesting). Penny says come back because Sheldon forgot something-her plasma grenade, look its raining Sheldon. Penny hops up to leave and Leonard ask her if she wants to enter some Halo tournaments because they make such a good team, she says or they could have a life. He responds that for her that is an option. Penny leaves after telling Raj it has been nice talking to him. Sheldon reenters the room talking to Penny who has at this point already left. Penny is back and she has a problem…Howard and Christie are hooking up in her bedroom (uuhhhh but as I have said go Raj when he hooked up last episode, I guess I have to congratulate Howard also but still uuweeehhh). Leonard wants to know if she is sure and Penny says she grew up on a farm either they are having sex or Howard is caught up in a milking machine-the expression on Sheldon’s face is Priceless. Penny wants to stay there and Leonard says ok, she can have the couch or his bed- he has new hyper allergenic pillows. Penny says the couch is fine. And surprise, surprise Sheldon objects. Sheldon reminds Leonard that they do not have house guest and that if he could afford it, he would kick Leonard out. Leonard responds Sheldon’s friendship means a lot to him too.

Sheldon says one of the problems is their earthquake supplies are for two men for two days. Leonard wants to know if Sheldon is worried about cannibalism and tells Penny she can stay if she promises not to eat them. Penny is confused and agrees. Sheldon goes over the morning schedule, he uses the bathroom from 7-7:20am and Penny should plan her bodily functions accordingly. Which as Sheldon suggests means no Liquids after 7pm. Penny puts the pillow that Leonard gives her on the couch and Sheldon corrects her telling her to put her head on the other end so she is facing the door to protect herself from ancient marauders. Penny says she will risk it, Penny ask if there is anything else she should know and Sheldon says if she uses his toothbrush he will jump out of that window and points to the window and tells her she does not have to come to his funeral. After Sheldon leaves the room, Leonard apologizes and tells her which toothbrush is Sheldon’s. Leonard is having trouble leaving Penny and says sleep tight, he starts to explain where sleep tight comes from and she gives him what I like to call “the look” (anyone who has ever been in any kind of a relationship, will probably know exactly what look I am referring to) Leonard says ok then good night. Penny turns off the light and the camera pans to Raj. Raj is standing in the kitchen with a sandwich in his hand. He then creeps out. Penny’s eyes open when she hears the door and she immediately switches her pillow so she is facing the door.

Morning has come and Sheldon has his bowl of cereal, he goes to sit on the couch and Penny is still sleeping.

As he starts to sit even though Penny is sleeping Leonard walks in and ask what he is doing. Sheldon explains that every Saturday morning since he moved in he has woken up, poured his cereal, sat on that corner of the couch, turned on BBC America and watched DR WHO (If you have not watched Dr. Who, DO IT…it is wonderful.)

Leonard points out that Penny is still sleeping to which Sheldon starts repeating what he just said. Leonard tells Sheldon he has a TV in his room, why doesn’t he just have breakfast in bed. Sheldon says he is not an invalid or a woman celebrating Mother’s day. There conversation wakes up Penny who wants to know the time. Leonard lets her know it is 6:30 and she is amazed she slept all day; Leonard corrects her that it is 6:30am. Penny wants to know what the hell is their problem and Sheldon goes on about his cereal having lost his crispiness but in a much more scientific way then that. In walks Howard in a purple woman’s robe. Waking Penny back up, she sees Howard and wants to know if he is wearing her robe. Howard says he will have it cleaned and Penny says he can keep it (OK people it is 6:30am on a Saturday and you have no children, GO BACK TO SLEEP).

Christie is in the shower and Howard wants to know where Penny got her loofah mitt because it can reach places his does not. Penny is grossed out by Howard having used her loofah (and who wouldn’t be!) and tells him he can keep that too. We hear Christie calling for Howard and he lets her know he is in here. We see Christie for the first time and she is HOT. She refers to Howard as her little engine that could. She gives him a big kiss hello and Sheldon comments that there is one beloved children’s book he will never read again. Christie introduces herself to Leonard and Sheldon. Howard offers for Christie to stay with him which Sheldon thinks is a great solution because then Penny can go home and he can watch Dr Who. Howard mentions his last name and Christie is excited that he is her first Jew. Which gets funny looks from Leonard and Penny. Sheldon imagines there are not many kosher corn huskers and I think Penny might be getting a migraine at this point! Howard still takes Christie shopping. Penny explains to Howard that Christie will sleep with anyone who keeps buying her stuff. Of course instead of making Howard sad, it makes him run off to cash in Bar Mitzvah bonds.

We come back to Raj, Leonard and Sheldon sitting at a Chinese restaurant (why can I never spell restaurant right with out spell check. Ugh). Sheldon says they cannot do this with out Howard. When Leonard doubts this. Sheldon explains that they always divide everything into four. The waiter comes up and wants to know where their friend is who thinks he speaks Mandarin. The waiter won’t let them substitute. Leonard tells Sheldon he should have let him bring Penny and Sheldon asks has Leonard seen Penny eat Chinese? Apparently with out giving the long list she uses a fork and double dips her egg rolls. Sheldon is OCD.

Pan to the three guys knocking on Penny’s door. Penny opens it and is obviously dressed to go out. She asks what is up and Sheldon explains it is Halo night. Penny says so? Leonard explains that with Howard occupied with Christie, they have something they want to ask. Sheldon steps forward and nicely asks if Penny would be their fourth at Halo night. Sheldon lets Penny know what an honor this is. Penny explains that she is going dancing. Sheldon tries to talk her into Halo night in his very special the world revolves around what I want way. When Penny says she can play tomorrow, Sheldon reiterates that tonight is Halo night and it is like talking to a wall. Penny lets Sheldon know that they are about to have a problem and to his credit Sheldon is smart enough to move back behind Leonard. Leonard thinks that maybe they should have asked to go dancing. They start arguing and Raj wants to know if they are falling apart. Sheldon tries to call Howard but gets his answering machine.

Sheldon is walking up to Howard’s house (he is wearing a Green Lantern t shirt and when we see his back it says Green Lantern which is pretty cool) with Leonard and Raj trailing him. Leonard tells Sheldon to reconsider this bad idea, which turns out to be asking Howard to choose between sex and a video game. Sheldon says he is not, he asking him to pick between Sex and Halo 3 in High def (Ok gang which would you pick?) We hear Christie and Howard’s mom arguing. They both tell Howard to shut up and Howard says he is going to take his scooter for a ride. He steps out and into the guys who tell him they are here because it is Halo night. We can still hear Howard’s ladies arguing in the house. Howard goes with the guys to Halo night.

The guys are playing Halo in teams and are really in to it. Penny walks in with three very hot friends and says they are tired of dancing and want to have sex with the guys. The guys ignore all of them and keep playing. Penny tells her friends, she told them this would be the reaction. The ladies leave, the guys keep playing…. Leonard hits pause and when the guys ask why, he says he thought he heard something, then says never mind and they jump back into the game.